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Our Wines

Dry Wine    12.5% Alc/Vol    Bottled May 2016    Released December 2016

Abundant aromas of grapefruit, guava and citrus blossom typify the bouquet of our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. A delicate array of tropical fruit flavours with zesty lemon, citrus and lime juice nuances fill the palate. This fruitiness is balanced by a lively acidity and a crisp clean finish.  Enjoy while young and fresh. 

Dry Wine · 12.2% Alc/Vol · Released August 2016

The blend of these two grape varieties (55%  Sauvignon Blanc grapes with 45% Semillon)  produces a wonderful spectrum of aromas of citrus blossom, a palate yielding an array of tropical fruit and lively herbaceous characters, finishing with a twist of zingy lime.  It is a fine example of a style that is distinctly Margaret River.  Enjoy young and fresh.



Dry Wine · 12.0% Alc/Vol ·  Released June 2016

Our first ever release of a single varietal Semillon, and we are more than pleased with the results!

Intense aromas of fresh cut grass, citrus and zesty lime juice.  Delightful Semillon freshness with herbaceous and lemony fruit characters add a richness to the palate.   A touch of oak leads to a creamy hint of vanilla on the finish.  An ideal variety and style to accompany seafood.

Medium/Semi Sweet     12.4% Alc/Vol     Bottled May 2016     Released December 2016


An off dry style of Chenin Blanc with a tinge of sweetness on the front palate and a mouth-filling array of green apple and tropical fruits balanced with a clean crisp finish.    As a cellar door visitor once said… "All my taste buds smiled when I tasted the Chenin.  It's a happy wine!"

Sweet · 12.4% Alc/Vol · Released May 2017 ·

A delightful sweeter style of wine using a blend of of Semillon and Chenin Blanc.  A floral bouquet leads to a luscious mouth-filling array of tropical fruit salad flavours, enhanced by a gentle, lingering sweetness. Chill well and enjoy while young and fresh.


Sweet, oaked, dessert style wine • 12.2% Alc/Vol • Bottled February 2013 •

Back in 2012, our Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes were left out on the vines till late in the season to develop the intense sweetness and then matured in fine French oak for 12 months. A few years of bottle age have been very kind to this delightful little "sticky".  Rich aromas of honey, quince and candied pear lay a path for a rich palate of dried apricots, butterscotch and mandarin.   Serve after a meal or with a cheese platter, and this will tantalise the senses. It's like nectar from the heavens.

Dry and oaked · 14.2% Alc/Vol · Bottled September 2016 · Released December 2016

The 2015 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot produces a distinctive combination of these varieties. The dominant Cabernet proides an intense richness of enticing flavours with leafy aromatics while the Merlot adds a gererous but soft fruiitness.  The addition of Petit Verdot enhances the mid palate with subtle earthy and savoury nuances. Will reward patience and cellaring in correct condititons for 5 years or more.

Dry and oaked · 14.3% Alc/Vol · Bottled September 2016 ·
Cabernet Sauvignon from the Margaret River Region produces outstanding expressions of this classy variety and this 2015 vintage is no exception.  Rich enticing flavours and distinctive leafy aromatics, balanced by velvety tannins and gentle oak, combine harmoniously.  A touch of Petit Verdot adds a dimension of spice and savouriness to the mid palate texture.  Delicious drinking now or will reward correct cellaring conditions for 5 years or more.

Dry and oaked · 14.3% Alc/Vol · Bottled September 2016 · Released March 2017

Our shiraz from ther 2015 vintage has again produced exceptional quiality fruit and another outstanding example of Tassell Park Shiraz.  An array of sweet scented aromatics lead to a soft rich palate of red berry fruit flavours of fresh plumb and raspberry with fine grain tannins .  A classy cool climate Shiraz matured in oak for twelve months to enhace cellaring potential.

Dry and unoaked · 13.0%  Alc/Vol  · Released June 2016

The latest addition to our fruity and easy drinking "Simply" range, this refreshing and lively rose' completes the trio. This vibrant, dryer style of rose' is made from shiraz, with delightful raspberry and red berry fruit characters.   A slightly peppery edge and a nice balance to a crisp, lingering finish.  Enjoy while young and fresh.   Serve Chilled.

Dry and oaked · 13.0% alc/vol · Released February 2017 · 925 bottles

Superior quality fruit is patiently fermented and matured in new oak over extended months.  This Private Bin Chardonnay exemplifies only the finest characters which are a true reflection of the individual variety.  A very limited number are bottled with this 2016 vintage producing only 925 bottles of precious chardonnay.  Not every variety or vintage is bottled under this label, so you can be sure that when it is, you have found something very special indeed.

This chardonnay displays a nice balance between fruit and oak, with nuances of white stonefruit, pear and lychee.  The palate is rich and refreshing with the influence of the oak adding a touch of creme brulee to the layers of fruity flavours.   Enjoy now or cellar for 5 years or more.


Dry and oaked · 14.2% alc/vol · Bottled September 2016 · small batch of 1380 bottles

Our ‘Private Bin’ label is used only in years where an exceptional season results in a variety produced in minute quantities to enjoy ourselves.  However, occasionally we are prepared to share them with you.  Superior quality fruit is patiently fermented and matured in 100% new oak over extended months and the wine exemplifies only the finest characters which are a true reflection of the individual variety.  A very, very limited number are bottled and individually numbered labels mean each bottle has its own personality.  Not every variety or vintage is bottled under this label, so you can be sure that when it is, you have found something very special indeed.

Still considered an exotic grape variety in the West due to its scarce appearances as a varietal, this unusual grape variety can make extraordinary wine.  At Tassell Park it has long been valued for its contribution to our premium wine range - the 2004 vintage of this classic Bordeaux black grape variety launched our 'Private Bin' label.  This complex example from vintage 2015 has subtlety and power.  The aroma has hints of licorice, leather and violets underpinned by smoke and spice from quality French oak.  The palate is silky in texture with velvety tannins balanced by a firm acid structure typical of Petit Verdot.  The wine has a myriad of flavours including black pastilles, olives and coffee.  A subtle lick of oak carries the wine through to a long lingering after taste. This is one single variety we will only bottle in an exceptional season that truly sets itself and us apart from the rest.  Youthful and vibrant now, it will cellar for seven plus years.

Dry and oaked · 14.5% Alc/Vol · Produced by Palinda Wnes Pty. Ltd.

Palinda wines is situated in the Perth Hills Region of WA.  Tempranillo is a Spanish variety that produces high quality fruit in climates similar to the Perth Hills where this fruit is grown. This wine displays aromatics of cherry, raspberry and spice.  The wine has a medium bodied texture with flavours of mulberry and plum and a hint of dark chocolate.  Sublte fine tannins and a sweet fruit characters give this wine an elegant strructure and finish.

Medium/Sweet  · 12.5%  Alc/Vol  · Produced by Palinda Wines Pty Ltd.

Palinda Wines is situated in the Perth Hills Region of WA. Frizzante is lighter dessert style, smooth and fruity red wine.  The aromatics of this shiraz based wine display red currants, liquorice, cocoa and spice.  The blackberry, plum, mulberry and clacked pepper contribute to a rounded luscious palate finishing with plush round tannins and an earthy chocolate richess with sweet berry notes.  This versatile wine is best served chilled and can be enjoyed with a savoury platter, dessert, or virtually any occasion.